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RULES for World War 3 Paintball

  1. Welcome to World War 3 Paintball. You are about to have an expericence you will never forget!
  2. This is how you play paintball:
    1. There are two teams.
    2. Every player gets a gun that is loaded with 200 paintballs.
    3. Paintballs are dangerous and coult hurt you.
    4. Each team starts at opposite sides of the building.
    5. One team wears red goggles and one team wears black goggles. 
    6. The ref blows the whistle and the game begins.
    7. Each team tries to shoot the members of the other team.
    8. There is an upper and lower floor. You can go anywhere on the field to shoot the other team.
    9. When a player gets shot, that player must leave the paintball field.
    10. The game is over when one of the teams doesn't have any players left on the field.
  3. Your goggles must be on your face before you enter the paintball field.
  4. Your goggles must remain on at all times while you are on the paintball field.
  5. There is a safety switch on your gun. Your gun won't fire unless you press the switch.
  6. When you get shot put both of your arms up in the air and yell "hit". Walk to the exit area with your goggles on.
  7. Before exiting the field, you must put your barrel cover on your gun and press the safety switch on your gun. No shooting outside the field!!!!
  8. There is a gage on the air tank of your gun. You need more air when your gage is below 1.
  9. If you run out of paintballs during the game you can either say "hit" and walk off the field or just stay and hide.
  10. If your gun stops working during the game you can either say "hit" and walk off the field or just sta and hide.
  11. Players cannot call timeout. If you need a timeout you must yell "hit" and walk off the field.
  12. If you gun gets shot by a paintball you are out. Your gun is part of your body!
  13. If the ref calls a timeout, stay where you are. No shots can be fired. Listen for a whistle to resume play.
  14. If the referee says you are out, you are out! The referee's decision is final!
  15. Don't do these things:
    1. Don't waste your paintballs. Paintballs are very expensive. 200 paintballs should last you a long time.
    2. Don't shoot our light bulbs.
    3. Don't pick up any paintballs that have fallen to the floor.  These paintballs will jamb your gun!!!
    4. Don't move any of the obstacles on the field.  All obstacles are to remain exactly where they are locted.
    5. Don't shoot your gun anywhere outside the paintball field.
    6. Don't take your barrel cover off unless you are on the paintball field.
    7. Don't shoot anyone with their arms up in the air.
    8. Don't shoot anyone who yells "surrender" or "hit".
    9. Don't shoot anyone wearing orange.
    10. Don't shoot anyone at close range. Just touch them and say "you're out".
    11. Don't climb on obstacles.
    12. Don't run up the sliding boards.
    13. Don't shoot the referee(s). Referees wear yellow.
    14. Don't hang over the upper floor balcony!!!
    15. Don't shoot someone more than once.
    16. Don't go inside the vehicles that are parked on the field.
  16. There are sharp edges, eneven flooring, low head clearance areas, etc. throught the field. Be careful.
  17. Be read at all times. In some areas on the field you can be shot from at least 9 different directions!
  18. Please put all garbage in garbage cans. Don't put garbage on the floor or on the field!
  19. Have fun!