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Prepare for war…….World War 3 Paintball is western Pennsylvania's premiere indoor paintball facility.  WW3 is located at 560 Vine Street in downtown Johnstown, PA. World War 3 Paintball is an 18,000 square foot multi-level indoor paintball field. We specialize in private parties (birthday, corporate, bachelor, graduation, holiday, family, friends, etc.).  You can have your next paintball party/gathering 7 days a week all year round during the hours of 9am until noon, 1pm until 4pm, 5pm until 8pm, or 9pm until midnight.  The cost is $35 per player for all three floors.  As part of your entry fee you also get 200 paintballs, a paintball gun, and all the necessary safety equipment.  There is an 8 person minimum and a 30 person maximum per party. We have recently started a new journey introducing airsoft and nerf into the mix. For airsoft you will need to bring all your own proper equipment, guns, and ammo. It will be $25 per person with a minimum of 10 players (we can accommodate for smaller groups). In the new world of nerf we will be providing all gear, guns, and ammo with a $35 charge per person for entry along with a minimum of 8 players. We also require a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit to hold your spot with paintball parties, nerf will be $35.00, airsoft will be $25.00 and both of these will cover the admission for whoever calls to book the party (you can pay with a credit card over the phone).  If you have your own gun and/or equipment, then bring it with you. If you don’t, we have a full line of excellent rental equipment for paintball and nerf you can use at no extra cost. Call Jessica now at 814-536-3333 to book a paintball party you may never forget!!!

- Every Friday in June
- 6pm to 10pm
- $25 per player
- Paint remains the same price

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Above the main playing field is a mezzanine floor that takes the game of paintball to a whole new level. No longer is it enough to be on guard in all four directions around you, but now you must protect yourself from an attack above you and below you as well. At some locations on the field you can actually be shot from 8 different directions. If you dare enter you will immediately understand “World War 3”!

Use one of the two 21 foot sliding boards to quickly exit the mezzanine and get back down on the main floor. Seek refuge behind the barrels on the field. Take cover from an overhead attack by entering one of our four snakes. Whatever you do…….don’t just stand around……you won’t last long!

Spectators feel like they are a part of the game as they watch the game inside one of our three viewing areas that are lined with plexiglass. Don’t be startled when the paintballs blast against the glass only inches away from you. Or take a break from the action and relax in one of our two party rooms with plenty of seating and solid-oak tables.

Get ready for an exhilarating experience you may never forget! Feel the adrenaline pumping as you navigate the field pursuing your enemy. Protect yourself from paintballs hurling toward you at 250 Feet Per Second (FPS) from many different directions. This game is intense! World War 3 Paintball is not for the faint of heart. This is the real deal in Paintball combat and excitement.

For those of you that don't want quite that much excitement and adrenaline, we have smaller .50 caliber paintball guns that are appropriate for ages 7 and up.  These guns are much lighter and the paintballs travel at a much slower speed resulting in much less impact force. Along with the .50 caliber guns we have nerf and airsoft perties available as well which brings the adrenaline down a touch further than the .50 caliber guns. If 50 caliber paintball, nerf, or airsoft is more your style, then make sure you mention that to Jessica when you call and book your next party.

Whether you are a first-time player or an experienced veteran……… prepare for war………World War 3 Paintball!